The Foundation

The WYS MULLER origin has a know-how of more than 150 years. The business was founded in 1862 by WJJ GOMPERTZ, born on 21st July 1838 in Amsterdam and died in Paris on 25th March 1891.
It was in 1859 that WJJ GOMPERTZ, a 21-year-old businessman, decided to publish the letters unpaid exchange rates and the names of the companies in bankruptcy. The aim was to gather information throughout the country for the publication of the new periodical “MUTUA CONFIDENTIA”. The readers also found in this review other indispensable information, such as the stock market price, the development of prices in different markets, and so on. The success was immediate and the new newspaper was echoed by traders and manufacturers from all economic sectors. 
Then, it expanded its activity by providing more complete information and subscription, system we continue to use in order to offer unbeatable quality-price ratios.
Databases have been designed and now contain millions of files. Mr. GOMPERTZ had discovered a new market, which had only a very distant link with “MUTUA CONFIDENTIA” and decided to make this new department a company. He bought the name of his accountant, Mr. Wijs Muller, and founded, in 1862, WYS MULLER & CIE, headquartered in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).  


Then the company has grown beyond its borders. But following the First World War, and the economic crisis, business has evolved. In 1928, all branches were sold in Germany, Austria, etc. A branch was founded in Zurich in 1910, registered in the Commercial Register under the name of WYS MULLER & CO. The Swiss branch will be the last to separate from the Empire GOMPERTZ. This split took place in 1964, when the last descendant of the founder decided to withdraw from the business. The shares of WYS MULLER Paris were taken over by its staff and WYS MULLER Switzerland was sold to a private shareholder. 

A young and dynamic management, as well as the modern business era, contributed to make, in a short time, the small business with 3 branches in Geneva, Basel and Zurich, one of the first companies of our branch. Subsequently, branches were opened in Lausanne, Bern and Lugano thanks to an ever-growing clientele. The creation of the litigation department and the constant widening of the range of services contribute not only to maintain its pilot position, but also to increase and consolidate it. However, it should be noted that the former company WYS MULLER, due to financial problems caused by inadequate management and the market situation, was forced to sell its name and archives to the new company WYS MULLER RENSEIGNEMENTS COMMERCIAUX SA in 1992. 


The head office of our company is in Geneva. It has a production office in Zöfingen that deals with requests for German-speaking part of Switzerland. While the Geneva office deals with requests concerning the French and Italian regions as well as overseas.
WYS MULLER is today the only company that offers its customers in Switzerland and abroad the opportunity to obtain business information on companies and private individuals around the world. Information is customized according to clients’ needs and not gathered from computer databases. Our clients are billed only after having received their requested reports from us. This assures our clients, without doubt, of our quality, speed and performance.
The capacity to process information has been modernized and our network of international contacts and agents of excellent quality and human size has grown considerably. This allows our company to disseminate news, both nationally and internationally, as quickly as possible.
The future of the company WYS MULLER RENSEIGNEMENTS COMMERCIAUX SA is considered to be assured, because at a time when the economy is changing, the demand for accurate and up-to-date information is constantly growing. Using an accurate and up-to-date source of information like WYS MULLER is of the utmost importance to you.
The information of WYS MULLER  RENSEIGNEMENTS COMMERCIAUX SA is used every day by companies, such as banks, insurance companies, importers, exporters, lawyers, etc. in Switzerland and abroad.